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Finance system software for schools and school districts is categorically awful. Budgeting systems, when they’re in place, are often worse. Many districts still email around spreadsheets with last year’s budget and tell the principals “This is the final dollar amount you get next year, figure it out.” 

Allovue Budget is used my small districts with several thousand students and huge districts with several hundred thousand. It allows principals to easily plan, budget, and submit their budgets. It’s been used to plan budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 

My goal for the product was to make as many of its features self-explanatory. To make observing the connections between these complex entities straightforward. And to be a single set of patterns that can replace a myriad of bespoke budgeting processes. I met some principals in person who had to use Budget for the first time to plan next year’s budget. I expected revolt laced with scathing critique. Instead I received the best product reviews of my life. 

 “It was honestly pretty easy. I was able to just figure it out. It took about a day or two then I was done.”

Budget is an incredibly complex product that shows its age now. We’re working on bringing the best parts of it into our new app framework and finally putting into place ideas and requests we’ve had for years. Still, I’m proud of what we accomplished, and that hearing “it was fine” can be the sweetest words.

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